About Us

The Sunshine Club was created in the summer of 2011 by Mrs. Sams and a few students. The purpose of the club is to give students a sense of belonging, a purpose while promoting self-esteem. Mrs. Sams has always taught life lessons in the classroom and extended it to others through Sunshine Club. We learn to face our own obstacles together while helping those around us in the Lake Brantley community. We provide the campus with "sunshine" through our random give-aways of Sunshine balloons and goodie bags. Our members are always looking to brighten someone's day.

In 2011, we raised money for Foundation for Foster Children, New Beginnings Equine Facility, Breast Cancer Awareness and several families who suffered a tragedy. We had over 200 club members our first year!

Already this year we have created a new awareness campaign with "Look Twice Save a Life" motorcycle awareness month in September. In October, we are supporting Breast Cancer awareness by selling t-shirts and pink balloons. We will continue to raise money for New Beginnings and Foundation for Foster Children through upcoming events. Brantleyballoons.com will continue to be an asset as we learn to work together while learning valuable work skills and raising money for those in need.

We have shown trememdous club team work by showing our support for Baby Arden as she awaits her new heart!

The students also attend one or two meetings a month in which we talk about personal growth. Students are always welcome to join the club. We provide each other with support and guidance.

We are looking forward to our new on campus idea "Take What You Need - Give What You Can"!

If you would like more information on Sunshine Club please contact us at Mary_Sams@scps.k12.fl.us